Belaney of the Lake  Age 11 and up

A mysterious girl appears in the moonlight.  She walks across the water but can she stay?  Magic and mystery.  Also a chance to see me in action.  A story from Wales.   7.54 mins.

There’s a moment of carelessness.  What does it mean to you?  Leave your comment below.

Story origin for me: Bag Full O’Moonshine by Alan Garner





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One Comment on “Belaney of the Lake”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed listening to this tale once and then again with your question specifically in mind. The ‘moment of carelessness’ reminds me of when people say: ‘Oh, I forgot’ when they have not remembered something someone asked them to, and then ‘But, I didn’t know’ when they see the consequences. Whatever it was someone asked them to remember, they didn’t stay present with it.
    You can chose to keep something high in your mind, even if the whole of its story is not known to you. Actively honour their request and remember. Don’t just hope you won’t forget.
    Sort of like ‘Stay calm’ being a more potent message than ‘Don’t panic’.
    None of which is simple of course, but I do believe that the way you think about it helps you remember… even if that recall is just “Hmmmm, there’s something about this I need to attend to, now what was it??”
    I like the way the story speaks to the resonance of this common issue, without hammering it.

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