How Ti-Jean Became A Fiddler

How Ti-Jean Became a Fiddler  Ages 7 and up

Ti-Jean’s brothers set out to seek their fortunes but they are more likely to be thrown in prison than win the promised bride.  Can T-Jean help?  He certainly means to.   Where does the fiddle come in?  Click on the link to find out.  A story from French-Canada.  22:08 mins.

Ti-Jean stories have been around a long time.  Why do you think that is?  Leave your comments below.

Story Origin: From my book, When Apples Grew Noses and White Horses Flew.  Tales of Ti-Jean. 





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Find out more at: http:janandrews/books/When_Apples_Grew.html.  Give a cheer.  This book has  been nominated for the Silver Birch Express Award 2012 in the Ontario Library Association’s Forest of Reading program and the Canadian Library Association Children’s Book of the Year Award.

5 Comments on “How Ti-Jean Became A Fiddler”

  1. Christy says:

    Your link to more information about the story is broken. I was disappointed to see that because I was hoping to find out more about the background of Ti Jean stories. I found your book at the library and read the first two stories to my children. They clammered for me to read the third to them but I felt like my voice needed a break and I was delighted to find this recording of you reading the stories, so they didn’t have to wait to here the last one.

    • My apologies. I unwittingly got caught in the MobileMe switch to iCloud but I am working to get my website available again asap. I’m so glad your kids like Ti-Jean. He is such a great character — so various and of such delight. The stories recorded here are not read but told so the versions are always somewhat different from the text. One of the wonders of oral transmission!! With luck, once the website is back on track you’ll be able to find more of my books your family might enjoy with you. Thanks so much for being in touch.

  2. […] his older brothers on their attempt, accumulating magical items on the way. The story can be heard online at the author’s blog and that provides a great lead in for discussions about […]

  3. Suzanne Musters says:

    I remember my grandfather telling me the tales of Ti-Jean. The one that fascinated me was called “Ti-Jean and the Black Bull. I can’t find a copy anywhere and would love to know the story first hand. do you know it? I want to include it in a paper I am writing on hero myths. I’d be most grateful.

    • I don’t know the story with regard to Ti-Jean but do know there are lots of stories featuring black bulls around. Right now I’m away and won’t be home till mid-June. I could do a bit of digging then if you’re still interested. Lovely to hear about your grandfather.

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