Nagila and Navoma and Na

Nagila and Navoma and Na  Ages 9 and up

Three young women make wishes for when they are married.  Their wishes are granted.  They even get to marry a prince.  But will this bring them happiness?  Click on the link and find out.  A story from Africa.  11:42 mins.

This story has to do with people who act out of jealousy and fear.  Have you ever been in a situation like that?  Make a comment and share your thoughts.

Story origin for me: A teller who came to Ottawa from either Ghana or Nigeria.  It’s so long ago I don’t remember.  I just know the story was always one I could not forget.

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4 Comments on “Nagila and Navoma and Na”

  1. A lot to think about here. The first two sisters seemed to wish for less selfish things than Na, and yet they couldn’t help being jealous of her when her when her seemingly more self-centred wish also came true. And Na turned out to be the most forgiving and compassionate of the three. I wonder if she knew that the gift of jewels would be a gift to others as well?

    Will try this one out on my grandkids as well.

  2. That’s what I love about these stories — the complexity in the midst of apparent simplicity. Part of what’s happening, I think, derives from the fears that come to people when they find themselves in situations where they are relatively (or perhaps totally) powerless. I believe Nagila and Navoma know they can be sent away in an instant. They are much at the prince’s whim.

  3. Always and always we have choices but there are definitely times when everything seems to be weighted against doing what we would otherwise know to be right.

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