Maria’s Gift

Maria’s Gift Ages 7 and Up

Maria’s life is hard but she faces it with courage.  She does all that she can for her family, despite the cruelty of others, there in that little village where she lives.  Then she goes a journey and meets unusual strangers.  What will that meeting bring her?  Click on the link to listen and find out.  A story that has its origins in Greece and which I brought to North America.  20:56 mins. 

What do you think of Maria?  What will you remember about her?  Make a comment and share your thoughts.

Story origin: Originally from Joanna Coles Best Loved Folktales but you can find this version in my book  Out of the Everywhere.  Tales for a New World.

Download so you can listen whenever you want to — right click on PCs; control + click on Macs.  Subscribe by clicking RSS for regular updates or go to Jan’s Storytelling Club in iTunes podcasts .

Find out more about Out of the Everywhere at http://janandrews/books/out_of_the_everywhere.html

3 Comments on “Maria’s Gift”

  1. Whitney Snow says:


    My name is Whitney Snow, and I am an assistant producer of The Apple Seed, a new storytelling show on BYU Radio (Sirius XM channel 143 or In researching Caribbean storytelling I came across your telling of a Ti Jean tale, and I really enjoyed it! I would love to include it on our show. Is there anyway I could get more contact information from you, and for legalities sake could I send you a performance release? You are an excellent teller and exactly what we are looking to showcase on The Apple Seed.

    Whitney Snow
    (435) 229-7484

  2. Heba says:

    I love Jans storytelling Club

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