Wise Father, Wise Daughter

Wise Father, Wise Daughter  Ages 7 and Up

Paul comes to Canada because he has been driven out of his own country for the colour of his skin.  He starts a business but he is growing older.  How will he choose which one of his daughters should inherit?  Click on the link and listen to find out.  A story from Africa.  9:50 mins.

What do you think of the way Paul made his decision?  Leave a comment below.

Story origin for me: Toronto storyteller, Itah Sadu.  You can also read my version in my book, Out of the Everywhere.  Tales for a New World. 





Download so you can listen whenever you want to — right click on PCs; control + click on Macs.  Subscribe by clicking RSS for regular updates or go to Jan’s Storytelling Club in iTunes podcasts .

Find out more about Out of the Everywhere at http://janandrews/books/out_of_the_everywhere.html

2 Comments on “Wise Father, Wise Daughter”

  1. Jan, I have a passion for story telling in all forms. I am a story teller with pictures and words.
    I am intriged by your site and what you are doing. What part of the country are you located?
    I will watching blog to see what you are doing.

    One story tell to another.

    • Thanks for your interest. It’s a big help. Best way to keep up with new postings is to subscribe (which is also good for me in lots of ways). I live down the end of a road on a lake in Ontario, about an hour’s drive from Ottawa. Here’s to the heights and depths of story!

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