Lion, Hyena and Rabbit. A Story In A Story

Lion, Hyena and Rabbit.  A Story in a Story  Ages 11 and up

Three animals decide to hunt together but then there is a problem.  This is a story that is more serious than you might think when you first hear it.  It’s a story that meant something special to at least one listener.  Click on the link to learn how all that went.  A story from Africa.  4.05 mins.

What would you like to say about this story?  Do you know of any similar situations in your life?  Leave your comments below.

Story Origin for me: Seneghalese-Canadian storyteller, Ndiouga Sarr when we were on a tour of Children’s Festivals.





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4 Comments on “Lion, Hyena and Rabbit. A Story In A Story”

  1. Anna Kerz says:

    A wonderful story, beautifully told, especially with the part you added at the end.
    It reminds me a little about a story in one of Harold Courlander’s books. If I remember correctly it’s also about a lion who lords his strength over the other animals. But I think in that tale a rabbit fools him at the end. Now, of course, I’l have to go and look that story up.

    Thanks for this one.

  2. A good story. A thoughtful story. I’m going to get my grandkids to listen to it this weekend and see what they have to say about it.



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